While mortgage rates have moved up the last few months, rates are still very low on a historical basis.  While we have earned a reputation over the last 22 years for being able to close difficult deals, CB Investments is also known for having the lowest rates in the industry. We do this by maintaining a relationship with over 40 investors, always looking to add new ones that have great pricing or unique loan products.

We are very excited to announce a partnership with one of these new investors whose niche is exceptional pricing for strong jumbo borrowers.  While most of the industry has raised their rates, their portfolio rates have remained the same.  Check out this 0 point pricing*:

                                             5-Year Fixed (amortized over 30) 3.375%
7-Year Fixed 3.625%
10-Year Fixed 3.875%

These loan products also come with an interest-only option (for slight premium) and as always, we are setup to close deals very quickly.

*740+ credit score, 24 months’ reserves, 80% maximum LTV

Loan Product Offerings

  • Reverse Mortgages
  • 90% LTV with no MI to $2 million
  • True NO Income Doc Loans for investment properties
  • Bank Statement Loans
  • Asset Utilization Loans (converts assets to income)
  • Recent credit events okay (foreclosure/ BK)
  • Exceptionally-priced Conventional, FHA, and VA loans
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