We Listen

We really listen to your needs so we have a clear understanding of how to best proceed.


We Guide

We guide you through the process of securing the best loan and getting the most money.

We Review

We review your financial documents and go through an extensive process on our end.

We Deliver

We continue to do all the processing on our end until we deliver — on time, every time.

Our Story

CB Investments, Inc. began in 1996 when Chris Brown, Founder & President, began with a vision to make the home financing process easier for everyone. While working at a bank processing loans, he quickly realized the hassles, slow pace, limited hours, and lack of incentive that bankers have when working with clients. Driven to create a better solution, he started CB Investments with a long-term vision to deliver better results and more value to clients. This dream has come to fruition. To date, CB Investments has originated and processed over $1.5 billion in loans.

Our expertise

CB Investments specializes in home financing and sales — including refinancing, reverse mortgages, home loans, home sales, income properties, and fix-and-flip loans. As a real estate broker, we provide a unique value to clients who want more than just a realtor or a loan officer, they want a real estate finance specialist who understands real estate from a financial perspective so that they can maximize their hard-earned money. Based on your needs and goals, we will craft the perfect solution that helps you get the most out of your time and money.

Our mission

Our mission is make your experience as good as possible. This means providing you the best service while maximizing your time and money. We know you have plenty of options and your time and money is valuable. We want to lead you in the right direction and help you get the best solution possible. This means going above and beyond the required level of service during our initial consultation and review process. We want to make sure we are as thorough as possible and get everything right. Our hope is that if you are happy, you will refer others to us. It’s a win-win.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Founder & President, CB Investments

Chris Brown is an experienced and dedicated mortgage and investment broker who founded CB Investments, Inc. in 1996 with the goal to make the real estate financing process easier for everyone. Let us know how we can help you.

A Mortgage & Investment Broker with Experience

CB Investments brings more than a quarter-century of combined mortgage and real estate investment experience to the table. People come to our firm because they are looking to refinance a home, purchase or sell a home, get a reverse mortgage, or purchase an income property. They appreciate that we take a holistic approach to your overall financial well-being, allowing us to give better consultations to our clients.

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